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Car rental in the Balearic Islands

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Popular cities:

The Balearic Islands is the center of beach resorts and entertainment. If you enjoyed a measured rest on the beach, you can rent a car and go on an adventure. Medieval streets, elaborate cathedrals, palaces of aristocrats perfectly reflect the spirit of past centuries. You should definitely visit the Knights' tournaments, which are a medieval production, where the best warrior is selected during the battle. The traditional entertainment of the locals is bullfighting - theodors fight with bulls. This spectacle is truly captivating and remains in the memory for a long time.

Holidays in the Balearic Islands

Island Resorts

Menorca Island

Menorca Island photo

If you plan to get acquainted with the history and sights of the Balearic Islands, go to the island of Menorca. Here you can take a walking tour and go around all the main architectural monuments in a few hours. Be sure to walk around the Old Town of Ciutadella. The medieval streets and palaces of aristocrats will leave a lasting impression. In Menorca, you can also see the structures of the Talayots, which have survived from the II-I centuries BC.

Ibiza Island

Ibiza Island photo

Ibiza is called a carefree and fun, it is also considered the most fashionable resort in Europe. Every year, tourists come here from all over the planet in search of entertainment and an unforgettable pastime. Top DJs from all over the world have parties here, gathering hundreds of thousands of people. However, few people know that the island is still rich in museums, fortresses and cathedrals. Rent a car and discover Ibiza from a new angle.

Formentera Island

Formentera Island photo

Formentera is called the pearl of the Balearic Islands. Plains prevail here, which means that finding a place where you can spend a secluded vacation will not take much time and effort. The island has many uninhabited and untouched by civilization places. So it’s possible to spend a calm, quiet vacation here and practice water sports.

Rules of the road, parking, toll roads

Toll roads

There are no toll roads in the Balearic Islands. Moreover, almost all roads are asphalted and in good condition. If you plan to rent a car, you will be happy to travel around the islands.

Special Pay Roads

There are no roads with a special payment in the Balearic Islands.

Speed ​​mode

  • In the village - 50 km / h
  • Outside the village - 90 km / h
  • By road - 100 km / h
  • On the highway - 120 km / h


The maximum allowable level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 ‰ .


In the Balearic Islands, most parking lots are paid. So that your rental car does not pick up a tow truck, follow the basic rules. It is forbidden to park the car on sections of roads marked with yellow lines. Paid parking is indicated by blue lines. You can park your car for free in areas without marking or with white markings.

To use the paid parking, purchase a ticket in the parking meter and put it under the car glass.

Emergency and referral services

  • European Emergency Service - 112
  • Single phone number for police, ambulance, firefighters - 091
  • Traffic Police - 92

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