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Perhaps the largest car rental company to date, AVIS Car Rental was founded by the American military pilot and businessman Warren Avis in 1946.

According to the legend adopted by the company during the Second World War, the founder of the company always carried a motorcycle with him, which he traveled and moved if there was free time, after landing at any airport. After the end of World War II, Warren Avis became an ordinary passenger and was no longer able to take his favorite motorcycle, wherever he went.

In addition, he found that it was quite difficult to hire a taxi at airports, especially in the post-war period, so he decided to organize a car rental company providing car rental directly at the airports. The effect achieved was phenomenal: the company developed rapidly and within seven years AVIS Car Rental became the second largest rental company in the USA. A few years later, the first offices were opened in Europe, Mexico and Canada, and currently AVIS Car Rental provides rental services in 165 countries and has more than 5200 rental car rental points. The company's car fleet grew from 3 cars in 1946 to a huge size, the car fleet includes any category of cars: from pickups, SUVs, and minivans to electric cars, sports cars and luxury cars.

Since 1968, AVIS Car Rental has been operating under the slogan “We Try Harder” and provides first-class service that meets the needs of travelers and business travelers, trying to treat each client with the utmost respect and professionalism. Making the car reservation process easier and faster, AVIS Car Rental is developing its innovative customer system by assigning unique identification numbers to loyal customers.

All that AVIS Car Rental wants is to work hard, so our customers can be sure that the company will choose exactly what they need, at the best price and with the best service.

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