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What is a deposit required when renting a car

Car rental keysWhen choosing a car, most of our valued customers pay attention, first of all, to the cost. Then, choosing a suitable car at a cost, they usually pay attention to the set of options included in this cost. Then they are interested in the fuel policy, the mileage limit included in the lease, the policy of border crossing, insurance, etc. Our website contains all the information on each of the offers — from all represented car rental companies.

One of the main parameters that affects decision making is the amount of the security deposit. All leading rental companies and local players represented on our website provide a car rental service with a deposit lock only. We strongly recommend against using the services of companies that claim to provide cars for rent without deposit.

The amount of deposit is blocked on your credit card. If you rent a middle class car, then the deposit will be from 150 to 1200 euros, depending on the rules of the rental company you have chosen. Please note that the deposit is blocked, not debited. It is important to know that the SMS notification service of your or any other bank does not distinguish between deducting funds from freezing and always sends you a message about deducting funds from your account. At the same time, you can check the status of your account and see that the funds are not written off, but frozen.

Rental car in motionWe want to give you very useful advice: a day after the car is handed over (or two, the faster the better) contact your bank and ask to send a request to remove the lock from your account. Your bank must do this and, most importantly, it knows how to do this and to whom to send the request.
A great many stories go on the Internet about not timely unlocked deposits, incompletely refunded amounts and illegal write-offs, but we can assure you with all responsibility that in 100% of cases all issues are resolved promptly and with a positive outcome.

The employees of our company have been working in the rental and car rental market for over 12 years and are ready to answer any questions. Our phone is always at your service.

Let us answer the most frequently asked questions in this article:

  1. You handed over the car a week ago, and you still have a blocked deposit.
    If you handed over the car on time with the amount of fuel that was required and without damage, the rental company leaves your deposit intact. Your funds are automatically unlocked after 30 days from the date of initial blocking. In order for this process to take less time, call your bank and ask to send a request for unlocking funds. Your bank knows where to send the request and how to do it.
  2. Upon your request, the bank informs you that the funds have not been unlocked by the rental company.
    If you handed over the car on time with the amount of fuel that was required and without damage, the rental company leaves your deposit intact. According to accepted to the rules, frozen funds cannot be blocked for more than 30 days. Accordingly, the freeze is automatically removed after 30 days. Ask your bank to send a request to unlock the funds from your card.
  3. You have an unlocked deposit, but the amount was less than you expected.
    If you handed over the car on time with the amount of fuel that was required and without damage, the rental company leaves your deposit intact. If the amount turned out to be less and you are sure that it is — an error and funds were debited illegally, we recommend that you contact your bank with a claim for unlawful debiting. According to the rules, your bank has the right to request documents confirming the legitimacy of debiting funds, and if documents are not provided, or if the legitimacy of debiting funds is not proved, the amount debited will be returned to your account. If you still have questions, feel free to call us, send a scanned contract and an act of returning the car, checks and in general all the documents that you have left after renting a car. We will promptly contact the rental company and find out all the details.

Car rental company parkingDear customers, if you still have doubts about the condition in which you handed over the car, or you forgot to tell something when handing over the car, feel free to call us: our employees are always at your disposal. We will try to quickly and accurately resolve your issue. We never leave our customers. Tens of thousands of people daily rent cars around the world. Our customers are no exception. The number of car rental customers is growing every year.

If you still have doubts, call us, we are always glad to see you.

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